Canaria Sailing Services

Worldwide delivery


Whether it is towards
Africa, South America, the Antilles and the United States or a return
to the north of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, do not hesitate to
ask for an estimate.

 >>>> Follow your boat with our satelite tracking beacon <<<<

For a detailed estimate, please communicate a maximum of information,
 such as the type of boat, equipment

(radar, Auto pilot, engine, rigging, liferaft,etc.) as well as the wished period.

Do not wait the last minute, my diary were enough in charge of...

Sometimes, delays of answers rather slow from my part also, I am many times at sea,
 far from the internet connections.

Link to a client report (in french)

 Somes Delivery:

Madeira to Almerimar, Hurley 30
Las Palmas to Terceira (Azores) Sarum 28

Guadeloupe to Britany, RM 900

Panama to Martinique, RM 10.50

Martinique to Nieuwport (Be),Oceanis 411
Las Palmas to Martinique (FWI) Dufour 36

Santa Lucia (Caribean) to Stavanger (Norway) Dufour 45
Dakar to Saint Martin (FWI), Lagoon 37TPI

Lanzarote to Cayenne (Guyane), Feeling 32DI

Las Palmas to Rio Guadiana (Portugal), Amel 41 
Melilla to Port St Louis du Rhône, Lucas 55

Las Palmas to Gibraltar, Ocean Wanderer 45
Las Palmas to Saint Barthelemy (FWI), G.Frers 63
Marseille to Las Palmas, Delher 36
Marseille to Las Palmas, Oceanis 411
Ostende to Las Palmas Dufour 34

Las Palmas to Martigues (Fr), Oceanis 351
Fuerteventura to Benodet (Fr), Feeling 32
Las Palmas to Gruissan (Fr), CAL 46
Martinique to Barcelona, Dufour 35
Nieupoort (Be) to Las Palmas, Dufour 31
Akrum (Nederland) to Las Palmas, Wibo Van de Stad
Cape Town (S.A) to La Reunion (Indian Ocean) Alu 43,
Fuerteventura to Saidia (Morroco), Lucas 55',
Cap d'Agde (France) to Lanzarote, GibSea 38,
Lanzarote to Marseille, VIA 36,
Gruissan (France) to Las Palmas, Idylle 11.50m,
Lanzarote to Le Marin (Martinique FWI) Dufour 35,
Las Palmas to Ribadeo (Asturis, Spain) Judel-Vrolijk 13,70m,
Las Palmas to Sète, (France) Aluminium 43,
Madera to Lanzarote (Canarys) Dufour 35,
 Le Marin (Martinique,FWI) to Pornic (France) Flot 40 ketch,
 Cap d'Agdes (France) to Las Palmas, Oceanis 351,
Castellon (España) to Gruissan (France), Vennekens 44,
Porto (Portugal) To Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Hanse 311,
Le Marin (Martinique, FWI) to Las Palmas, Schooner Shpountz 44/40,
Las Palmas to Ayamonte (Border Spain / Portugal) OVNI 385
Las Palmas to Martinique, (FWI) Schooner Spountz 44/40,
Caen (France) to Saint Martin (FWI) Jouet 37,

 Blankenberge (Belgium) to Las Palmas, Pearson 365
Banjul (Gambia) to Las Palmas (Canaria, Spain) Athena 38
Martinique (FWI) to Oostende (Belgium) 40ft steel cutter
Palma de Mallorca (Baleares) to Banjul (Gambia) Athena 38
Les Sables d’Olonnes to Calvi (Corsica) on a Privilege 475
Mohammedia (Morroco) to Santa Cruz de Tenerife,Oceanis 350,
Las Palmas to Port Camargue (France Med) Atlantis 47
Las Palmas to Malmö (Sweden) Allegro 33
Las Palmas to Plymouth (UK) Bavaria 40 CC
Las Palmas to Brest (France) Jouet 37
Las Palmas to Almerimar (Spain med) Oceanis 36 CC
Oriental, NC (USA) to Blankenberge (Belgium), Pearson 365 ketch
Oostende (Belgium) to Trinidad , 40ft new steel cutter

. . .